What is 3A?

Administración y Análisis de Activos Inmobiliarios (3A), is a company founded by professionals specialized on the main areas of real estate market in Mexico.

It's formed by a interdisciplinary group of professionals with long history and great experience working on the following activities:

  • Real estate analitic proyects
  • Construction's processes
  • Appraisals
  • Real estate proyects' administration
  • Dwelling's commercialization strategies

Our business model is based on the development of new analytic tools and technologies wich allow us to provide our clients the necessary information to make decisions over their investment processes.

Commitment to our Clients


Accomplish the necessities of the Real Estate Assets Investorproviding quality services supported on processes and worldwide technology, that allow mitigating the risk by increasing the investment profit-earning capacity.


We plan to be recognized by the investors all around the Real Estate Sector, as the leading company in analysis and administration of the necessary information to invest on real estate assets in Mexico.

Based on processes developed under the best practices in industry, we offer an extremely valuable service to the investors specialized on the Mexican real state sector.

Bussiness Concept

  • Recent financial world crisis has left important experiences all over the investment world
  • Maybe, the most important one is that it's not possible to make real estate investment without the proper access to information and an independent infraestructure for analysis and proper project follow-up
  • Specific projects' follow-up mitigate the inherent risks of the investment activities
  • Investors' development of an analytic infraestructure and follow-up for each and every market or industry in which an investment is made, turns out to be inefficient from cost perspective
  • Analyzing these conditions, 3A developed this business opportunity, offering an integral analysis service and administration of investment projects on real estate assets

We work with our clients through the whole investment cycle, from the conceptualization and the project analysis, till the final recovery.

Our Products and Services

Assessment on valuation of investment projects on real estate assets.

Analysing, supervising and reporting the underlying investment's portfolios on real estate assets in Mexico.

We offer an integral service of projects that include: Project's definition, Rating of assets, Project's supervision, Risks monitoring, Administration of cash flow.

This services are focused on:


To correctly analyze the variables that intervene within the real estate market, is required not only the complete knowledge of the local markets, but also of the construction sector, the management of different government dependencies and market´s financing of dwelling.

Counting with a professional analysis service that acts with total independence and objectivity, we offer an added value to the investor's institutional interests.

At the same time, the processes of permanent monitoring, mitigate considerably the risks that the investor assumes while investing on real estate.

3A's infraestructure allows maximizing the return of the investment under risk levels accepted for the investors.

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